Team Coaching & Personal Coaching

Team Coaching

Having problems integrating product management, development, and UX effectively? Practicing Agile & Lean approaches, but not getting the results you expect? Unsure how to effectively integrate user research with delivery work?

Our team coaching can help.

Team coaching brings fresh perspectives to your workplace. Our goal is to help you build a culture of improvement, reducing your need for external coaching. We share decades of experience to help you discover problems, apply solutions, and experiment effectively with your process.

Our engagements begin with a short low-cost discovery session to identify strengths and potential developmental areas. We work with you to define what success looks like for your teams, and how you can move towards that goal.

You get a summary of our discoveries, along with some suggested next steps for your team to take. You can decide whether you want to continue working with us, or focus on improving by yourself.

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Personal Coaching

You can’t get the support and advice you need within your organisation. Our personal one-on-one coaching can help.

Our personal coaching gives you a block of time to use how and when you want. Our goal is to give you the objectivity you need to understand and address your problems, so that you can plan for change and stay accountable for your professional development.

Your personal coaching works like this.

  1. You buy a block of time up-front that you use in 30 minute or 1 hour blocks.
  2. We give you access to a personal coaching kanban board where you can add topics at any time, and prioritise what you want to talk about during each session.
  3. You get access to a booking system where you can schedule coaching times directly. You can combine regularly scheduled sessions with just-in-time sessions to address specific problems.
  4. After each session you’ll get a summary and pointers to further reading.
  5. Repeat!

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