You want to build successful teams & great products

We help your teams improve with tactical workshops, team coaching, personal coaching, and speaking & facilitation. Delivered remotely or on-site.

You want to improve your delivery of digital products and services but don’t know where to start.

  • Practicing Agile & Lean approaches, but not getting the results you expect?
  • Thinking of adopting Agile or Lean UX methods, but don’t know how to begin?
  • Having problems integrating product, development & UX effectively?
  • Wasting time & money building features your customers don’t want?
  • Unsure how to effectively integrate user research with delivery work?

Quietstars can help you deliver products confidently — building real business value with a great user experience.

Tactical Workshops

You have identified gaps in your team’s knowledge. Our short tactical workshops can help.

Tactical workshops introduce new and effective practices to your team. Our goal is to provide a crash course so you can begin applying a new method immediately. These workshops are ideal if you are keen to experiment with new techniques but don’t know where to start.

Popular workshops include: Writing Effective OKRs, Design Studio, User Story Mapping, Customer Interviewing, Lean UX, Iterative Persona, and Usability Testing.

You can see coverage of some of our public workshops & talks on our medium pages.

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Team Coaching

You don’t know what your team’s problem is, or how best to solve it. Our team coaching can help.

Team coaching brings fresh perspectives to your workplace. Our goal is to help you build a culture of improvement, reducing your need for external coaching. We share decades of experience to help you discover problems, apply solutions, and experiment effectively with your process.

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Personal Coaching

You can’t get the support and advice you need within your organisation. Our remote personal coaching can help.

Our personal coaching gives you a block of time to use how and when you want. Our goal is to give you the objectivity you need to understand and address your problems, so that you can plan for change and stay accountable for your professional development. You can combine regularly scheduled and just-in-time sessions in the way that works best for you.

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